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8/11/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero
A fun mystery romp with existential horror elements, tempered by the occasional uncomfortable theme, adds up to an enjoyable ride.
8/18/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Little and Lion by Brandy Colbert
A slightly over-too-fast but still absolutely amazing book about love, self-discovery, and mental illness.
8/11/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero
A fun mystery romp with existential horror elements, tempered by the occasional uncomfortable theme, adds up to an enjoyable ride.
7/28/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash
A novel laden with geeky references doesn't quite manage to pull of the romantic story it wants to tell.
7/21/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong
A book about a woman navigating her father's encroaching dementia provides warmth and a bit of an awkward moral heart.
7/14/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Final Girls by Riley Sager
A story with a lot of potential gets bogged down with unnecessary twists and turns designed to drag something out rather than provide meaning.
7/7/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Chemistry by Weike Wang
A story about a woman trying to navigate parental expectations, a jerk-ass boyfriend, and academia. There's other stuff, too.
6/30/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin
A collection of essays from 1955 that deal with religion, mental health, race, identity, and more.
6/22/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Four Fantastical Ways to Lose Your Fingers
Four stories revolving around the concept of misplacing the very digits I am using to type this description! How wonderfully grotesque!
6/16/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Real Artists Have Day Jobs by Sara Benincasa
52 essays on badass women, life, mental illness, dogs, and embracing your inner nerd. There's lots to love!
6/9/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: How the Irish Became White by Noel Ignatiev
A documentation of how the Irish—a detested and oppressed class—came to be considered white by the American powers-that-be.
6/2/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Wisconsin Death Trip by Michael Lesy
Morbid pictures and articles aren't enough to be considered good history—you actually have to do something. This book does not do that.
4/3/2017 - River City Ransom: Underground Review
Wherein we learn a truly valuable lesson: that the idea of 'retro' cannot be the only thing your game adheres to.
7/20/2016 - How To Do a Positive Write-Up of Ghostbusters
The new Ghostbusters movie was released and, contrary to whiny idiots, it's pretty good! Write about it my way, which may make hateful cretins ignore you (though probably not).
5/23/2016 - Trampling in the Land of Woe
A book about soulmates, Hell, ninjas, and friendship. There's a lot of other stuff in there, too, but what else do you want with less than two lines of description?
10/12/2015 - On Moral Consequence and Undertale
A sort of review on the great game Undertale regarding specifically what it does best: offer itself as a morally complex system.
6/08/2015 - Life After Beth and the Problem of Tonal Dissonance
So, this whole "throwing everything against the wall" thing really doesn't work. Kindly stop doing it.
5/25/2015 - Not a Hero Review and Reflection
So there's this game and it is awesome and you should buy it so that we can save the world from a most average end.
5/20/2015 - On Mad Max: Fury Road
I would like to contribute to the every-growing heap of praise at the feet of an action movie that breaks the mold ever so thoroughly.
7/22/2014 - Zeus is Dead Review
In today's episode, I take a look at the hilarious Zeus is Dead and highly encourage you to partake it as well. Do it. DO IT NOW.
4/21/2014 - On Frozen
In what will surely get me hate-murdered by various Internet denizens, I discuss why Frozen just wasn't very good.
3/31/2014 - Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode Two: Review and Reflection
I dive once more into the depths to determine whether or not the newest DLC installment of Bioshock is worth it (it isn't).
2/17/2014 - You've Frightened Us More Than the Others: Our Darker Purpose Review and Reflection
Quasi-roguelike with light RPG elements and taking place in a dystopian Victorian orphanage inspired by the visual style of Edward Gorey? Sign me up!
1/20/2014 - Post Mortem Review: Resident Evil 6
Wherein I discuss the profoundly stupid evolution of a game franchise that should probably be killed for its own good.
11/16/2013 - Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Review and Reflection
Wherein I play through the anticipated return to Rapture and find it really underwhelming and kind of stupid.
8/19/2013 - On the Outside Looking In: Gone Home Review and Reflection
After ransacking a house with most disingenuous pretensions of a supernatural nature, I have emerged with a great many things to say about going home.
7/22/2013 - Dreams of Familiar Vengeance: Bioshock Infinite Review and Retrospective
Join me in discussing a tale most dark and brutal, with a hero whose soul cries for redemption, a villain mad with prophecy, and a mysterious lass of profound power.
6/10/2013 - Academic Review: Harvard Sitkoff's A New Deal for Blacks
In no way relating to an overall lack of time due to last week's site overhaul, this week's entry is an academic review of a classic work of history.
5/27/2013 - System Shock 2: Review
A recent re-release places you in the middle of a war between a gooey hive-mind and a psychotic A.I., both of which want you dead. And the A.I. is on your side.
4/1/2013 - Slender: The Arrival Review and Reflection
Wherein I shall discuss a tale about a brave lass who encounters a tall thin fellow with a most tragic facial deformity (not having one) and bad social habits (he kills people).1/28/2013 - Sometimes the Fans are Wrong - DmC
In which I discuss how sometimes the whining of fans doesn't make a whole lot of sense when what they're whining about is perfectly functionable and enjoyable.
12/17/2012 - Post-Mortem Review: Max Payne 3
Wherein I shall discuss various glitches, bad gameplay ideas, and some of the sillier aspects of the plot in an otherwise fun and action-packed game.
12/10/2012 - Splatterhouse 2010: A Winding, Weird Review
Wherein it shall be discussed the various silly ways online reviewers savaged a fairly decent game for infractions, most being imaginary at best or outright contradictory at worst.
12/3/2012 - Breaking Dawn Part Two: A Review
Today, I will engage in some light Twilight bashing in a far more productive way than normal.
10/8/2012 - Academic Review: Nan Elizabeth Woodruff's American Congo
Continuing a theme, I venture head-first into the thrilling world of academic reviewing. In other words, there's another Flash file and all you "anti-history" people will hate it.
9/10/2012 - To the Moon: A Review
Today, I discuss an absolutely great indie game which challenges the traditional idea of what a game is and which will probably make you end up bawling your eyes out like a child.
7/1/2012 - What Brave Did Wrong
Wherein I end my chances of being a voice actor before they begin by voicing my criticism of something which will make more money than I will ever see in my lifetime.
6/18/2012 - Lone Survivor: A Review
Wherein I discuss why an indie game is the best damn horror game in years and why you should totally buy it. Like, right now. Seriously, bro, you don't even know.
6/6/2012 - Post-Mortem Review: God of War III
In which I discuss how a popular video game series became kind of a muddy mess toward the end.