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01/01/2017 - 2017 Awards (Or Whatever)!
Wherein I talk about the things I liked and some other things that I did not like so much!
6/18/2017 - Project Northwoods is on Sale!
Holy cats! There's nothing more amazing than a sale, unless it is a sale for Project freakin' Northwoods!
1/6/2017 - The Best (and Not So Best) of 2016!
What do you do when you find out something you weren't intended to know? Especially when one person is trying so hard to keep things normal?
12/16/2016 - Abuse
What do you do when you find out something you weren't intended to know? Especially when one person is trying so hard to keep things normal?
12/09/2016 - Fanfictioneering
A brief (one-sided) conversation on the ins and outs of why I've been spending so much time writing fanfiction and not other things.
11/14/2016 -About Last Tuesday
Wherein I reveal my thoughts on the 2016 election, not that anyone was really waiting for that. Spoiler: I'm not pleased.
11/11/2016 - Asylum: Out of the Shadows
I got to work on a super awesome museum exhibit that opens just beyond the horizon, and I'm going to tell you all about it! Well, partially about it, anyway.
8/22/2016 - Four Kinds of Bad
In the spicy variety that is life, there are literally thousands of ways for something to be terrible. Here are four!
7/18/2016 - Endings and How to Lose Them
Games have a lot to keep in the air to keep things going smoothly. A shoehorned moral that scolds people for playing, though, is not one of them.
6/20/2016 - I Was at a Wedding Last Saturday! Mine!
Well, I went and got married to my longtime lady friend Ashlie, and now you're going to hear all about it! Kind of!
6/6/2016 - Happy Four Year Anniversary!
It's been awhile, hasn't it? Well, I will get you up to speed on what's been going on behind the scenes over at this whole wacky experiment called life.
3/28/2016 - An Improbables Book Tour!
I've got a list of people who are going to be kind enough to host me on a fantabulous tour across the interwebs to promote the hell out of Improbables!
3/18/2016 - Authors, Ideology, and Writing
Let's have a frank discussion about how writing, in general, is very hard to divorce from the author's lived experience and belief system, shall we?
3/11/2016 - It's Time for a Guest Post from S. Valentine!
Wherein a wonderful person stops on by and talks shop 'bout writin' romance. She also has a book out, so you can look at that and be all "Oooooooh!" if you want to be a good person.
3/07/2016 - Writing Talking Okayishly
Sometimes people are all 'Jonathan writes good words when its people making the lip flapping!' so I chose to respond and it... got a touch messy.
2/29/2016 - A Word on Romancifying
Wherein I discuss the process of writing as authentic a relationship as I possibly can while also mentioning the other ways I've done the whole "relationship writing" thing in the past.
2/22/2016 - Happy Improbables Release Day!
If you want to know a little bit more about my writing process when it came to the newly released Improables, well, here's your chance!
1/19/2016 - Chatting About Writing Philosophy with Tak tse Profit
Wherein a guest swings on by the website tells us about philosophy and the writer's craft.
1/18/2016 - Games Without Souls, Souls Without Games
Bloodborne and Assassin's Creed Syndicate have some great elements, but do they come at a cost of something else?
1/8/2016 - Update on the State of the Site
Click here to find out why the updates over the last couple of months have been a bit on the inconsistent side.
12/02/2015 - Goodness Gracious, It's a Guest Post by Breigh Forstner!
Wherein an author of romance and music speaks with me regarding the art of wordcraft and her upcoming Straight from the Heart.
12/01/2015 - Holy Cats, It's a Guest Post by Justin Edison!
Wherein a gentlemen who is not me gets to tell you a bit about his process and a bit about his upcoming novel, The Churning.
10/26/2015 - Eliza Carthy, Angels and Cigarettes
I normally use the Oxford comma, but in this case the missing mark actually lends itself to a better reading of the title. Oh, yeah, we're going to be talking about my taste in music.
10/12/2015 - On Moral Consequence and Undertale
A sort of review on the great game Undertale regarding specifically what it does best: offer itself as a morally complex system.
6/22/2015 - More Interview Shenanigans!
Come give a listen to a conversation about mental health, writing, and why destiny is a cheap narrative trick. I'm pretty sure I don't even talk about Buffy in this one.
6/15/2015 - On Context
Context can be a beautiful thing that fleshes out what we know and provides avenues for new interpretations. It can also be abused by idiots.
6/01/2015 - Graduation Songs (Kind Of)
Of the many things that try my patience, the tacky veneration of the past is one of them. Allow me to free you from your world of tackiness.
5/18/2015 - The Cultural Genealogy of Die Hard
Wherein I go through the evolution of the series that would eventually give us Die Hard in aggressive detail. Why? Because I love you.
5/04/2015 - Dear Content Creators
You probably knew this was coming, but we need to talk. It's... it's about the zombies... they're really, really stupid. Please stop.
4/27/2015 - Enrico Colantoni (Kinda) Helped Me Propose
You want to know how I proposed to my ladyfriend? Well, gather round, because there's only so many times I can verbally say it before losing my patience.
1/19/2015 - Clickbait
1/08/2015 - It's a Birthday Sale!
I decided to run a sale for my birthday instead of asking for presents this year. Yes, this was totally out of selflessness and nothing else, why do you ask?
1/05/2015 - My Top Picks of 2014
I'm going to do what everyone else has done by now and reveal my favorite stuffs from 2014. Don't act like you weren't waiting in breathless anticipation.
1/02/2015 - Interview with Upgrade Your Story
Join me and fellow author Ally Bishop as we talk all about pop culture and general silliness in today's update!
9/1/2014 - #mywritingprocess
Tagged by the invincible Steven Luna, I am forced to relay what goes through my brain meats when confronted with that terrible demon-beast, writing. Guest starring Jinn Nelson.
8/11/2014 - Hollowed
A chance encounter yesterday has left me in a state of contemplation about the heartbreak associated with friends moving on without you.
6/23/2014 - The Secret Language of Bumper Stickers
In today's episode, I take a look at six of the more common types of bumper stickers and explain what they actually say about their owners.
6/9/2014 - On Books and Groupwork
To unwind after last week's depressing ponderings, I talk about how working with others in writing appears to be less fun than playing "jam the splinter under the toe nail".
6/2/2014 - Rage
A brief attempt at working through some of the more horrible events of recent weeks, because sometimes I need to breathe and it's just a bit too hard without a textual exercise.
5/19/2014 - A Note on Advertisements
It's interesting how getting us to buy products looks more and more like deliberately trying to drive us insane with absolutely terrible ideas.
5/12/2014 - Child of Light vs. Frozen
I hope you like reading about strong female protagonists, because that's kind of the theme of this here post.
5/5/2014 - More on Retail and Service
I once again dive into my past to give you information on that terrible fate of many unfortunate souls: working in retail or the service industries.
4/28/2014 - On Villains and Metal Gear
Wherein I describe to you how a game series is responsible for one of the ways I approach writing villains.
4/14/2014 - On Music and Video Games, Pt. 2
Today I shall walk a familiar path as I gush about the music I like to listen to while I write. Yes, I'm rambling and you're going to listen.
4/7/2014 - They're Called Baristas Because "Annoyed Misanthropes" is Bad PR
To the shock of everyone involved, I venture forth upon the topic of the abused barista and why customers are wankers.
3/17/2014 - Editing or Whatever
And now we go on a bit of an odd tangent regarding editing or something along those lines - it's really anyone's guess.
3/10/2014 - On Sequels
Today, I reflect on sequels in the era of franchises, which is actually not saying much at all considering that that's most fiction.
3/3/2014 - An Open Letter to My Age Group
Hello, Internet denizens in my age group. We need to talk and, no, you're probably not going to like it.
2/24/2014 - Some Project Northwoods Reflections
Wherein I muse on the publication of my novel about super heroes punching each other, which is available now at many fine (and terrible) retailers.
12/2/2013 - Catching Katniss
Wherein I discuss a heroine's lack of agency in the second Hunger Games novel and movie and how it critically undermines her status as a strong character.
9/16/2013 - On Music and Video Games
It's a musical blog post, featuring talented artists and fabulous songs from that most unappreciated of genres.
9/2/2013 - Your Argument is Invalid
The Internet earns yet another citation as I explain why a particularly popular dismissive tactic is egregiously stupid.
8/26/2013 - Fantastical Delusion
Wherein my mild annoyance with a stupid practice warrants a discussion on why such things are dumb. Because it's my website and I will whine if I want to.
8/12/2013 - On Computer Machines
An entry about the stupid loyalties that divide us for no good reason, and yet will still infuriate those of thin skin and oddly passionate stances on operating systems.
8/5/2013 - Evil By Nature
Just your run of the mill musing on the nature of good, evil, and how Dark Lord is a preposterously stupid title when you really think of it.
7/15/2013 - On the Subject of Names
Where I reveal a dark secret (I'm terrible at naming fictional characters) and include an anecdote about where Arthur's original last name came from.
7/8/2013 - Talk Buffy to Me
In which I level some criticism at a beloved series that I started watching sixteen years after it started, for I am nothing if not topical.
7/1/2013 - A Review of Reviewing Things
A review on the curious practice of creating a random number and stapling it on the end of a review as though that somehow means something other than a case of the stupids.
6/17/2013 - Flaming Barrel of Fun
Wherein I discuss some weird tropes in media that need to be stopped immediately for the betterment of entertainment. No, I have no way of enforcing this request.
6/3/2013 - Some Thoughts on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
In this episode, I discuss a television show that most people have long since stopped talking about because I am nothing if not timely.
3/18/2013 - It's Time For a New Insult
Join me for a one-sided discussion on why a popular insult is stupid and why my alternative is, like, a million times better.
2/25/2013 - Some Project Northwoods Covers
In which I illuminate what covers I find aesthetically pleasing while providing some illuminating examples of the fabulous Pulp-o-Mizer, which you simply must use.
2/18/2013 - Derivative Young Adult Fiction
Wherein a rant that transpired Saturday morning is turned into a full-on blog entry, complete with misplaced anger, frustration, and a gimmicky device for all your crappy fiction needs.
2/4/2013 - A Detective Novel, Perchance?
Upon completion of a book which deconstructs the detective novel, I was overcome with the urge to write one. In the future. When everything else is done.
1/14/2013 - Project Northwoods Update
Wherein I shall discuss how my novel is developing and some of the more interesting hiccups I've encountered.
1/7/2013 - Les Misérables Cheat Sheet
There's a new movie involving a lot of singing that you don't have time for. Don't worry: I'm here to help!
12/31/2012 - Ruminations on The Walking Dead
In today's misuse of the Internet, I shall ponder why a show with such compelling source material doesn't hold up when compared to the story of a video game in the same universe.
11/19/2012 - Happy Thanksgiving (Or Whatever)!
In today's episode, Jonathan makes some poignant and some not-so-poignant remarks regarding growing up. Vulgarity may be involved, but that should go without saying.
11/12/2012 - I Hate Politics
Wherein I make a heartfelt plea for the grim specter of politics to return my friends from the abyss that is useless political douchebaggery.
11/5/2012 - Long-Term Relationships With Tutees: Should We See Other People?
Here's what I was blabbing about last week! Read and enjoy! Also, there's a crummy Photoshop of a Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts movie.
10/29/2012 - Prepping for a Conference
Turns out people do want to hear my opinions! I'm prepping for a Conference this week, and there's some attendant information above if you are so interested.
10/22/2012 - Antagonists
Upon reading this material, you shall be granted much knowledge on the topic of the woefully unappreciated antagonist, or as I like to refer to them, the "awesome ones".
10/1/2012 - Announcing the History is Interesting Project
It's always nice to get new things started. This week, it's my affirmation that, yes, history is interesting, and I'm going to make people realize this one essay at a time.
9/17/2012 - A Historian's First Steps
Ever want to know why I fell in love with history? No? Well, get your ass over here and find out anyway, you ingrate.
9/3/2012 - Hot On My Heels
Wherein I discuss the intricacies of my blog posting before I am overwhelmed by what is affectionately termed "OH GOD WHY", but friends call "Existential Dread."
8/26/2012 - Creating You Know It
In this exciting episode, I take you briefly through the genesis of my online video series (of which there is a single entry).
8/13/2012 - Good Guys and Bad Dudes
In this entry, I (at least somewhat) ruminate on what makes certain characters effective or ineffective heroes or villains. Yes, it focuses a lot on comic characters. No, I don't care.
7/30/2012 - Reflections on Another World
Find out some behind-the-scenes tidbits from Otherworld and a brief set of reflections/rants on something approaching that topic.
7/22/2012 - Closing in on Northwoods
Wherein I talk about some inner turmoil regarding the decision to end major revisions to Project Northwoods and face an uncertain future.
7/16/2012 - In Defense of Twilight (Sort Of)
In which I discuss an irritating trend in memes, suggest an awesome movie using cut up plots of other ones, and compare Twilight to a sandwich of some reknown.
7/9/2012 - Symbolism 101
Today, I'd like to talk about what I'm sure is many people's least favorite topic in their Literature classes. Don't worry. I swear and try to crack jokes to ease the pain.
6/6/2012 - The Historian and Fiction Writing
In which I pontificate on just what it is I bring to the table when it comes to writing fiction. Also, I briefly rant about sequels which kill all the good will the original movie created.
6/6/2012 - Horror-Comedies Don't Exist
In which I pontificate on the merits of combining two conflicting emotions under one heading. Spoiler Alert: It doesn't work.
6/6/2012 - Awful People of the Older Persuasion
In this entry, I talk at length about bad behavior, rewarding such behavior through stupid business models, and then offer a solution which I desperately hope no one takes seriously.