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1/08/2015 - So, You Need a Gift for a Writer
Peril! You need a gift for someone who enjoys writing, but you're too lazy to even casual research on the recipient! Let me help.
6/16/2014 - Action-Packed
In response to Project Northwoods apparently being chock full of action, I decided to ramble on about some elements of a good set piece.
3/24/2014 - 100th Blog Post (un)Spectacular! Writing Advice You Didn't Ask For
100 fresh(ish) blog posts means a desperate attempt at finding something to say. It ends poorly.
9/9/2013 - Your Resume is Terrible
Join me on an adventure through the tumultuous landscape of resume creation and design, namely so you don't look like a putz in front of a prospective employer.
7/29/2013 - Unsolicited Advice: So, You Want to Coach Drama?
Join me as I peel back the layers of deception and lies in preparation for an occupation as soul-crushing as it is woefully underfunded.
5/20/2013 - Unsolicited Advice: So, You Want To Be a TA?
I provide some much needed advice that no one asked for on the topic of grave concern to graduate students and pretty much no one else.
9/24/2012 - Yet More Unsolicited Relationship Advice: How I Settled For Your Mother
In this edition, I'm going to talk about the "Reacher and Settler" dynamic and why, exactly, it sucks.
8/6/2012 - More (Unsolicited) Relationship Advice
Wherein I discuss how people need to get out of their detrimental mindsets so I can stop being exposed to stupid advertisements on the internet.
6/25/2012 - Unsolicited Relationship Advice
Today, I would like to discuss (unprovoked, no less) an annoying habit which plagues many romances.
6/11/2012 - Unsolicited Business Advice
In which I discuss some theoretical retail/service business practices that will do wonders in producing good will and contentment among subordinates. Tl;dr: don't be a crippling idiot.