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The Cultural Genealogy of Die Hard

  Last week, I became really sick of people making generally stupid commentary on popular websites regarding the fact that Die Hard was originally a book and that it was different. Most of these comments were essentially uninspired, "They're just so different, lol". While I normally welcome differing interpretations of material, I do draw the line when the interpretation is limited to basic reading comprehension.

  Long story short, Die Hard is the final phase of a competition between two distinct forms of masculinity in the American experience. To actually understand it more than just "OMG, 'splosins and one liners!!!", you must go to the origins and wade through the book that started it all. And that's what I do here. It's long, but I think it is fair to say that if you're going to be doing any critical analysis of this, this should be your goddamn benchmark.

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