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Happy Four Year Anniversary!

  Hello, all you wonderful scourers of the fetid wastelands of the abyssal wastes known as the Internet! Did you know that four years ago I started this website as a repository of my rambly brain scrapings in preparation for publishing Project Northwoods? Why, it was the perfect place to store my weird diatribes against pop culture, my thousands-of-words-long screeds about terrible video games, dismissals of specific genre mashups, (eventual) forays into experimental poetry, and missives on generational issues!

  Well, to my deep and everlasting shame, you have probably noticed that the site has been neglected quite a bit as of late. There are a lot of reasons for that, namely a blog tour that occupied my time in April, finals in May, and my upcoming wedding in June.

  But perhaps the event that loomed largest in my recent history was the announcement that the original publisher of my three novels, Booktrope, was going to close its doors on May 31st. Coming off of my blog tour to that news—and the revelation that my books were going to be summarily delisted from online retailers—was one of those situations where your drive to do things you normally do takes a significant hit.

  All was not lost, however: a shiny new publisher, Scarlet River Press, was interested in picking up Project Northwoods, Improbables, and Washed Hands. Whether out of pity or quality is something my Midwesterness is unable to determine, but for the sake of appearances I’m going to go with “quality”, so yea for me!

  Disaster thus averted, this means that paperback copies of my books are temporarily unavailable. Every effort is being made to bring you some copies with actual mass, but the great news is that if you’re hankering for something a touch more futuristic and phantasmal, you can still find them in Kindle format!

  It also means that Washed Hands got a shiny new cover. Look at it!

Washed Hands!

That is some classy shit right there!

  I have also gone through and removed a significant chunk of the free sample content for Project Northwoods and Washed Hands. Originally, PNW had the entirety of Part One (of three) available. Washed Hands, as a “weekly-ish” serial, had everything but the prologue and epilogue online. Each book now has the first three chapters available for you to get a taste of what’s to come. As a bonus, PNW also has its explosion-heavy prologue for your perusal. If we’re being entirely honest here, though, there’s not too much chance anyone would have even missed that stuff if I hadn’t brought it up.

  To bring this back around, updates will continue to be sporadic during the coming weeks as the whirlwind of life picks up speed. I mean, I’m getting married in twelve days, and then there’s post-wedding shenanigans that I will be attending to. Do you really expect me to be able to commit myself to providing free entertainment while pulled in so many other directions? For shame!

  July, however, should see things return to relative normalcy as summer finally settles in or, more likely, winter remembers it left something in the guest room and crashes on the couch for a week. Who knows? In any case, know that I’ll be hard at work finishing up Traipsing Through Silent Hill 2 (just one more episode to go!) between returning with my weekly brand of absurdity, satire, and navel gazing. Maybe I’ll even toss in some bits of advice or withering critiques of pop culture.

  You know… between working on my next novel.

  Will it be a sequel? Will it be a completely new trek through the corners of my admittedly weird mind? Or will it be some kind of squishy hybrid, like an alternate universe Project Northwoods where Abigail and Monica team up to punch Arbiter in the face?

  Probably not that last one. But we can dream, right?

Purchase Project Northwoods at Amazon.com.   Purchase Washed Hands at Amazon.com   Purchase Improbables at Amazon.com.


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