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12/30/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Fourteen
Monica finds herself pushed to the point of no return when someone she trusted may not be wholly committed to proving her innocence.
12/23/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Thirteen
Monica's past comes to haunt her as she confronts one member of the conspiracy that has targeted her.
12/16/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Twelve
With leads in short supply, Monica isolates one possibility that may prove her innocence.
12/9/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Eleven
A return to the office ends in panic when good intentions end disastrously, leaving Monica only one avenue of escape.
12/2/2013 - Catching Katniss
Wherein I discuss a heroine's lack of agency in the second Hunger Games novel and movie and how it critically undermines her status as a strong character.
11/25/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Ten
A visit to the hardware store, a shared memory, and a mysterious pursuer put an end to Monica's bad day.
11/18/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Nine
The next steps are planned in a diner as Monica gets into contact with someone she believes she can trust.
11/16/2013 - Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode One: Review and Reflection
Wherein I play through the anticipated return to Rapture and find it really underwhelming and kind of stupid.
11/11/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Eight
Monica finds an associate she thinks she can trust, but her desire to lay low takes a brief detour due to behavior most foul.
11/4/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Seven
The Riordan Hotel is not nearly as safe as originally thought, as Monica makes an unnerving discover that once more puts her on the move.
10/28/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Six
Monica throws down a false trail for the police to follow and takes advantage of a trusting soul in order to get closer to finding the killer.
10/21/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Five
A night spent in a parking structure turns into a desperate search for answers as the police close in on Monica.
10/14/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Four
Wherein a bad situation grows worse, a bystander makes himself useful, and a bathroom is looted for goods.
10/7/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Three
In which our heroine ponders on the finer points of population movements and discovers all is not as it seems.
9/30/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter Two
Where our intrepid protagonist kills time in a bar and provides further insight into the daily workings of her job and incompetent coworkers.
9/23/2013 - Washed Hands - Chapter One
Wherein a not-quite-private eye encounters a frustrating scenario, borne of an earlier not-quite-short-story.
9/16/2013 - On Music and Video Games
It's a musical blog post, featuring talented artists and fabulous songs from that most unappreciated of genres.
9/9/2013 - Your Resume is Terrible
Join me on an adventure through the tumultuous landscape of resume creation and design, namely so you don't look like a putz in front of a prospective employer.
9/2/2013 - Your Argument is Invalid
The Internet earns yet another citation as I explain why a particularly popular dismissive tactic is egregiously stupid.
8/26/2013 - Fantastical Delusion
Wherein my mild annoyance with a stupid practice warrants a discussion on why such things are dumb. Because it's my website and I will whine if I want to.
8/19/2013 - On the Outside Looking In: Gone Home Review and Reflection
After ransacking a house with most disingenuous pretensions of a supernatural nature, I have emerged with a great many things to say about going home.
8/12/2013 - On Computer Machines
An entry about the stupid loyalties that divide us for no good reason, and yet will still infuriate those of thin skin and oddly passionate stances on operating systems.
8/5/2013 - Evil By Nature
Just your run of the mill musing on the nature of good, evil, and how Dark Lord is a preposterously stupid title when you really think of it.
7/29/2013 - Unsolicited Advice: So, You Want to Coach Drama?
Join me as I peel back the layers of deception and lies in preparation for an occupation as soul-crushing as it is woefully underfunded.
7/22/2013 - Dreams of Familiar Vengeance: Bioshock Infinite Review and Retrospective
Join me in discussing a tale most dark and brutal, with a hero whose soul cries for redemption, a villain mad with prophecy, and a mysterious lass of profound power.
7/15/2013 - On the Subject of Names
Where I reveal a dark secret (I'm terrible at naming fictional characters) and include an anecdote about where Arthur's original last name came from.
7/8/2013 - Talk Buffy to Me
In which I level some criticism at a beloved series that I started watching sixteen years after it started because I am nothing if not topical.
7/1/2013 - A Review of Reviewing Things
A review on the curious practice of creating a random number and stapling it on the end of a review as though that somehow means something other than a case of the stupids.
6/24/2013 - Message Undeliverable
A short attempt at horror through the medium of text message. Perhaps a good example of a stronger concept over its ultimate execution, but it was worth a shot.
6/17/2013 - Flaming Barrel of Fun
Wherein I discuss some weird tropes in media that need to be stopped immediately for the betterment of entertainment. No, I have no way of enforcing this request.
6/10/2013 - Academic Review: Harvard Sitkoff's A New Deal for Blacks
In no way relating to an overall lack of time due to last week's site overhaul, this week's entry is an academic review of a classic work of history.
6/3/2013 - Some Thoughts on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
In this episode, I discuss a television show that most people have long since stopped talking about because I am nothing if not timely.
5/27/2013 - System Shock 2: Review
A recent re-release places you in the middle of a war between a gooey hive-mind and a psychotic A.I., both of which want you dead. And the A.I. is on your side.
5/20/2013 - Unsolicited Advice: So, You Want To Be a TA?
I provide some much needed advice that no one asked for on the topic of grave concern to graduate students and pretty much no one else.
5/13/2013 - Otherworld: Enemy Within - Part Two
Part two of the tale of a slightly unhinged man trapped in his house and surrounded by an aggressive and unnatural reality that actively hates those within it. So, just like Baltimore.
5/6/2013 - Otherworld: Enemy Within - Part One
Part one of a screenplay I had written awhile back taking place in the same universe as two other things I had written as a tribute to my love for Silent Hill.
4/29/2013 - To Whom It May Concern... Umbrella, Inc.
Wherein a concerned employee voices some grievances that are of the utmost importance to a company that has clearly lost its collective marbles.
4/22/2013 - Prophecy
A tale of adventure, marriage, elves, and war crimes awaits you in today's magical blog post. It certainly isn't an example of me hating on a particular literary device.
4/15/2013 - Washed Hands, Inc.
Please follow the link for the next portion of your application process. Washed Hands, Inc. will provide you with a transcript of one of our more successful, if taser-rific, consultations.
4/8/2013 - /lick
A tale of a noble Tauren hunter named Kojak and his tribulations in dealing with an orc with a curious inability to say anything but the words "Orc" and "Bark."
4/1/2013 - Slender: The Arrival Review and Reflection
Wherein I shall discuss a tale about a brave lass who encounters a tall thin fellow with a most tragic facial deformity (not having one) and bad social habits (he kills people).
3/25/2013 - Canon Part Three
The third (and, at least at this moment, final) attempt at poignancy that probably fails utterly while at least catering to the teen demographic. Or something. I dunno anymore.
3/18/2013 - It's Time For a New Insult
Join me for a one-sided discussion on why a popular insult is stupid and why my alternative is, like, a million times better.
3/11/2013 - No Refunds
A minor incedent a couple of months ago prompts an evaluation of people that spend a lot of time demanding refunds when they should just shut the hell up.
3/4/2013 - Canon Part Two
I hope you enjoy the canonical entry in the Canon canon, which has multiple variations on how things could have gone, making the actual canon kind of hard to parse. Wee!
2/25/2013 - Some Project Northwoods Covers
In which I illuminate what covers I find aesthetically pleasing while providing some illuminating examples of the fabulous Pulp-o-Mizer, which you simply must use.
2/18/2013 - Derivative Young Adult Fiction
Wherein a rant that transpired Saturday morning is turned into a full-on blog entry, complete with misplaced anger, frustration, and a gimmicky device for all your crappy fiction needs.
2/11/2013 - Canon
Some experimental and incomplete fiction for you, for all your incomplete, experimental fiction needs. May involve a fair degree of angst.
2/4/2013 - A Detective Novel, Perchance?
Upon completion of a book which deconstructs the detective novel, I was overcome with the urge to write one. In the future. When everything else is done.
1/28/2013 - Sometimes the Fans are Wrong - DmC
In which I discuss how sometimes the whining of fans doesn't make a whole lot of sense when what they're whining about is perfectly functionable and enjoyable.
1/21/2013 - On the Subject of Spiders
After playing a few to many video games over break, I have come to a conclusion what are apparently programmers' default "spooky" enemy. Long story short, they suck.
1/14/2013 - Project Northwoods Update
Wherein I shall discuss how my novel is developing and some of the more interesting hiccups I've encountered.
1/7/2013 - Les Misérables Cheat Sheet
There's a new movie involving a lot of singing that you don't have time for. Don't worry: I'm here to help!