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2012 Blog Archive

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12/31/2012 - Ruminations on The Walking Dead
In today's misuse of the Internet, I shall ponder why a show with such compelling source material doesn't hold up when compared to the story of a video game in the same universe.
12/24/2012 - It'sha Kirmas Mircul!
A slightly different take on the traditional Christmas story, with swearing and blackmail and bittersweetness, oh my!
12/17/2012 - Post-Mortem Review: Max Payne 3
Wherein I shall discuss various glitches, bad gameplay ideas, and some of the sillier aspects of the plot in an otherwise fun and action-packed game.
12/10/2012 - Splatterhouse 2010: A Winding, Weird Review
Wherein it shall be discussed the various silly ways online reviewers savaged a fairly decent game for infractions, most being imaginary at best or outright contradictory at worst.
12/3/2012 - Breaking Dawn Part Two: A Review
Today, I will engage in some light Twilight bashing in a far more productive way than normal.
11/26/2012 - Let's Play!
Here's my tribute (or, rather, my acknowledgement of one of my favorite passtimes) to the Let's Play, a joyous celebration of everything good (and bad) about video games.
11/19/2012 - Happy Thanksgiving (Or Whatever)!
In today's episode, Jonathan makes some poignant and some not-so-poignant remarks regarding growing up. Vulgarity may be involved, but that should go without saying.
11/12/2012 - I Hate Politics
Wherein I make a heartfelt plea for the grim specter of politics to return my friends from the abyss that is useless political douchebaggery.
11/5/2012 - Long-Term Relationships With Tutees: Should We See Other People?
Here's what I was blabbing about last week! Read and enjoy! Also, there's a crummy Photoshop of a Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts movie.
10/29/2012 - Prepping for a Conference
Turns out people do want to hear my opinions! I'm prepping for a Conference this week, and there's some attendant information above if you are so interested.
10/22/2012 - Antagonists
Upon reading this material, you shall be granted much knowledge on the topic of the woefully unappreciated antagonist, or as I like to refer to them, the "awesome ones".
10/15/2012 - Dreams of a Better Game: The Thing
Here, I lay out a way to take John Carpenter's The Thing and turn it into something worth playing. Unlike the game we actually got. Which was tragic.
10/8/2012 - Academic Review: Nan Elizabeth Woodruff's American Congo
Continuing a theme, I venture head-first into the thrilling world of academic reviewing. In other words, there's another Flash file and all you "anti-history" people will hate it.
10/1/2012 - Announcing the History is Interesting Project
It's always nice to get new things started. This week, it's my affirmation that, yes, history is interesting, and I'm going to make people realize this one essay at a time.
9/24/2012 - Yet More Unsolicited Relationship Advice: How I Settled For Your Mother
In this edition, I'm going to talk about the "Reacher and Settler" dynamic and why, exactly, it sucks.
9/17/2012 - A Historian's First Steps
Ever want to know why I fell in love with history? No? Well, get your ass over here and find out anyway, you ingrate.
9/10/2012 - To the Moon: A Review
Today, I discuss an absolutely great indie game which challenges the traditional idea of what a game is and which will probably make you end up bawling your eyes out like a child.
9/3/2012 - Hot On My Heels
Wherein I discuss the intricacies of my blog posting before I am overwhelmed by what is affectionately termed "OH GOD WHY", but friends call "Existential Dread."
8/26/2012 - Creating You Know It
In this exciting episode, I take you briefly through the genesis of my online video series (of which there is a single entry).
8/20/2012 - Dreams of a Better Game: The Hunger Games
In which my expectations for a video game based on a child-gladiatorial-combat-themed book and movie franchise are discussed, thus setting the stage for disappointment.
8/13/2012 - Good Guys and Bad Dudes
In this entry, I (at least somewhat) ruminate on what makes certain characters effective or ineffective heroes or villains. Yes, it focuses a lot on comic characters. No, I don't care.
8/6/2012 - More (Unsolicited) Relationship Advice
Wherein I discuss how people need to get out of their detrimental mindsets so I can stop being exposed to stupid advertisements on the internet.
7/30/2012 - Reflections on Another World
Find out some behind-the-scenes tidbits from Otherworld and a brief set of reflections/rants on something approaching that topic.
7/22/2012 - Closing in on Northwoods
Wherein I talk about some inner turmoil regarding the decision to end major revisions to Project Northwoods and face an uncertain future.
7/16/2012 - In Defense of Twilight (Sort Of)
In which I discuss an irritating trend in memes, suggest an awesome movie using cut up plots of other ones, and compare Twilight to a sandwich of some reknown.
7/9/2012 - Symbolism 101
Today, I'd like to talk about what I'm sure is many people's least favorite topic in their Literature classes. Don't worry. I swear and try to crack jokes to ease the pain.
7/1/2012 - What Brave Did Wrong
Wherein I end my chances of being a voice actor before they begin by voicing my criticism of something which will make more money than I will ever see in my lifetime.
6/25/2012 - Unsolicited Relationship Advice
Today, I would like to discuss (unprovoked, no less) an annoying habit which plagues many romances.
6/18/2012 - Lone Survivor: A Review

Wherein I discuss why an indie game is the best damn horror game in years and why you should totally buy it. Like, right now. Seriously, bro, you don't even know.
6/11/2012 - Unsolicited Business Advice
In which I discuss some theoretical retail/service business practices that will do wonders in producing good will and contentment among subordinates. Tl;dr: don't be a crippling idiot.
6/6/2012 - The Historian and Fiction Writing
In which I pontificate on just what it is I bring to the table when it comes to writing fiction. Also, I briefly rant about sequels which kill all the good will the original movie created.
6/6/2012 - Horror-Comedies Don't Exist
In which I pontificate on the merits of combining two conflicting emotions under one heading. Spoiler Alert: It doesn't work.
6/6/2012 - Awful People of the Older Persuasion
In this entry, I talk at length about bad behavior, rewarding such behavior through stupid business models, and then offer a solution which I desperately hope no one takes seriously.
Wherein an examination of accolades in interactive media occupies most of the discussion before moving onto a theoretical application toward other forms of entertainment.
6/6/2012 - Post-Mortem Review: God of War III

In which I discuss how a popular video game series became kind of a muddy mess toward the end.