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2017 Blog Archive

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8/11/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero
A fun mystery romp with existential horror elements, tempered by the occasional uncomfortable theme, adds up to an enjoyable ride.
7/28/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash
A novel laden with geeky references doesn't quite manage to pull of the romantic story it wants to tell.
7/21/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong
A book about a woman navigating her father's encroaching dementia provides warmth and a bit of an awkward moral heart.
7/14/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Final Girls by Riley Sager
A story with a lot of potential gets bogged down with unnecessary twists and turns designed to drag something out rather than provide meaning.
7/7/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Chemistry by Weike Wang
A story about a woman trying to navigate parental expectations, a jerk-ass boyfriend, and academia. There's other stuff, too.
6/30/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin
A collection of essays from 1955 that deal with religion, mental health, race, identity, and more.
6/22/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Four Fantastical Ways to Lose Your Fingers
Four stories revolving around the concept of misplacing the very digits I am using to type this description! How wonderfully grotesque!
6/18/2017 - Project Northwoods is on Sale!
Holy cats! There's nothing more amazing than a sale, unless it is a sale for Project freakin' Northwoods!
6/16/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Real Artists Have Day Jobs by Sara Benincasa
52 essays on badass women, life, mental illness, dogs, and embracing your inner nerd. There's lots to love!
6/9/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: How the Irish Became White by Noel Ignatiev
A documentation of how the Irish—a detested and oppressed class—came to be considered white by the American powers-that-be.
6/2/2017 - Summer 2017 Reads: Wisconsin Death Trip by Michael Lesy
Morbid pictures and articles aren't enough to be considered good history—you actually have to do something. This book does not do that.
4/3/2017 - River City Ransom: Underground Review
Wherein we learn a truly valuable lesson: that the idea of 'retro' cannot be the only thing your game adheres to.
3/10/2017 - Squid President
What happens when the President becomes a squid? Well, first off, that's a weird question to ask. Second off, I tried to answer it here.
2/27/2017 - Slash (Bonus Features)
Hungry for more of Slash? Dive into the exciting self-congratulatory DVD blog bonus features!
2/24/2017 - Slash (Part Seven)
The final chapter. As final as these things go, anyway.
2/17/2017 - Slash (Part Six)
How to Survive a Pursuit: Supernatural Serial Killer Edition
2/10/2017 - Slash (Part Five)
Who will survive, and how stabbed will they be by the end of it? Find out today, maybe!
2/8/2017 - Apolitical High Fantasy
A snippet of my totally real, not at all fake novel about an evil autocrat beholden to an evil wizard, none of which is sociopolitical commentary. Nope. No, sir.
2/3/2017 - Slash (Part Four)
Wherein our heroines attempt to outflank the killer and are met with some unfortunate realities.
1/30/2017 - Resident Evil 7 is Pretty Okay
Does Capcom repair this franchise's legacy after its last debacle? Kind of, I guess.
1/27/2017 - Slash (Part Three)
It's some random day in January, so I guess I better try my hand at slasher fiction. Or whatever. I don't know anymore. Next week I'll stop this running gag. Promise.
1/20/2017 - Slash (Part Two)
It's inauguration day, so I guess I better try my hand at slasher fiction. Or whatever. I don't know anymore.
1/13/2017 - Slash (Part One)
It's Friday the 13th, so I guess I better try my hand at slasher fiction. Or whatever. I don't know anymore.
1/6/2017 - The Best (and Not So Best) of 2016!
What do you do when you find out something you weren't intended to know? Especially when one person is trying so hard to keep things normal?