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Happy 2016!

  Hey, everyone! Happy 2016! May all your coming days not kill you! I thought I would start things out by running through my 2015 greatest hits. And by “greatest hits”, I mean the blog posts that I feel were particularly near and dear to my heart.

  There was that time I named a bunch of things good in 2014, because that’s a good way to start every new year.

  There was that time I wrote a prologue to a game I love so much I tattooed it on my body.

I do not fuck around with the things I adore.

  There was that time I continued writing fan fiction, because goddamn that game is amazing and I love it to pieces.

  There was that time I proposed to my lady friend with the help of Enrico Colatoni.

Yeah, it's a Snitch ring. If you don't like it, I don't care.

  There was that time I was fed up with idiots talking about Die Hard and went ahead and posted a really long argument about its relationship with masculinity.

  There was that time I reviewed Mad Max and Not a Hero. Between one of these word-piles and a shirt I made in celebration of how awesome a character was, I got a sweet new avatar.

One guess where this beautiful thing is from.
One guess where this beautiful thing is from.

  There was that time I saw a terrible movie.

  There was that time I introduced an exercise to help people produce not-shit content.

  There was that time I resumed traipsing through the foggiest resort town in the world.

Rock and roll, James. Rock. And. Roll.
Rock and roll, James. Rock. And. Roll.

  There was that time I reminisced about learning to love music through Eliza Carthy, to which she said thanks.

It was pretty much the best day ever.

  Finally, there was that time I played Until Dawn and found it to be the most exciting thing to happen to the horror genre since… um… a long time ago.

Such a great game.

  It was a really great year, over all. I wrote an entire book (coming soon!), plus I provided a book’s worth of content in all the blog content I provided. That’s an excess of 200,000 words, which I think is pretty impressive. Hell, that’s most of Project Northwoods! I had a bunch of different interviews, one with the magnificent Jenny Trout, and I even hosted a couple of guests. It's been a wild ride!

  Thank you, one and all. Whether you’re a longtime follower or just getting started combing through my seemingly random fits of writing, I appreciate you. I hope your 2015 was pretty damn great, and I’m hoping that 2016 is even better.

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