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  Wherein we meet Captain Sad, a most blond fellow, and learn about his wife, a very dead woman. We also meet a creepy girl, discuss poorly thought out distances, and do very little in the way of plot. It's everything you've come to love from this franchise with absolutely none of the cult!

(EDIT: At about 9:30 PM last night, I realized I made a fairly sizable error in the latter chunk of the episode wherein I drop the main character's name instead if going with his joke name. While it was an easy fix in editing, re-rendering and uploading movie takes about a human lifetime, so it's a bit of a chore. I apologize for the error; there may be others, as I am very much so excited to be doing this and, therefore, some things slip through the cracks)

(Feel free to bump up the video quality into GLORIOUS HD; I know that anything under 720 is a bit on the muddy, pixel-y side)

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