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After stealing some luggage, we find ourselves in a battle of wits with an elevator. Said elevator's very existence then proceeds to punch everyone who ever whined about Silent Hill Origin’s inventory system in the heart before forcing us into a tensionless tour of very boring corridors. Only one of those things is something that I am grateful for. In any case, all of this leads up to a very terrible “song” and a snarkless moment of revelation.

But not the movie. Good lord, nothing could be as bad as that.

Featuring the rifle’s first use, a couple of instances of heading in the wrong direction, lots of swearing, and a teleporting mannequin. In other words, another exciting day in the life of James Sunderland, World’s Worst Key User.

(Feel free to bump up the video quality into GLORIOUS HD; I know that anything under 720 is a bit on the muddy, pixel-y side)

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