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  After a surprisingly boat-heavy intro, James finally makes his way to his and Mary’s special place! Will it be a happy reunion, or has the darkness of Silent Hill infected even this place? If you need a serious answer to that question, you clearly aren’t paying attention and need to leave. It doesn't really matter anyway, as the whole "darkness" thing is proving itself to be significantly less than competent at... I don't know... everything, really. We also see the return of Laura, the bratty child that was included in the game’s narrative because the writers needed a shorthand for “innocence” and couldn’t be bothered with making her likable, intelligent, or innocent.

  Also featuring children phasing through doors, a spooky moment (!), enemies that pose no threat, complaints about fairytales, and the main character mistaking a monster-fish for a bird. I'm beginning to think this might be a bit of a weird game, everyone.

(Feel free to bump up the video quality into GLORIOUS HD; I know that anything under 720 is a bit on the muddy, pixel-y side)

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