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Washed Hands is Free (On Kindle)!
11/9/2015 - 11/13/2015

UPDATE: The Sale Ends at Midnight 11/14/2015 (so, effectively 11/13/2015). I apologize for any confusion, and I've updated the dates to reflect this a bit more accurately.

  Hey, you! Yes, you, the one looking for a great deal! Did you know my hard boiled, detectivish novel is free on Amazon Kindle for the next several days? You didn't!? Well, now you do! Click the link below (or to the side, there) to get started in the world of Washed Hands for absolutely free as a part of the limited-time Holiday Prefunk!

  Already read it and loved it/hated it/use it as a doorstop? Well, do the world (and me) a huge favor and let people know using the handy-dandy reviewifier on Amazon. More reviews=more opinions, and more opinions mean people can make better decisions on what they purchase. Plus, more people will see it, which is great for me and you, since that means I can keep on writing stuff for the world to adore/hate/loathe/be indifferent toward! It's a win-win!

  If you're looking for other monster book deals, check out Runaway Goodness for a bunch of discounted titles!

Purchase Project Northwoods at Amazon.com.   Purchase Washed Hands at Amazon.com   Purchase Improbables at Amazon.com.


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