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A Work in Progress

  So, outside of the upcoming Traipsing Through Silent Hill 2, I realized I haven't kept you all too up to date on my machinations. Rest assured I do have them, and the big one I've been working up to is this one. This is a small snippet of my work in progress, a paranormal-romance-but-not-quite based off of this slightly meaner short story here. I did talk about a bit on my last appearance on Upgrade Your Story's podcast, but because I love you, I thought I would give you just a little bit more to whet your appetite.

  If you'd like my work-in-progress blurb, take a looksee:

When Abigail Wren, fresh out of college, manages to land a job at the local newspaper in Whitewater, Washington, she knew her life wouldn’t suddenly become gripped with excitement. Even this low expectation proves a bit too high, however, as days turn into weeks in a perpetual work-home cycle. Her only escape is in the pages of the paranormal romance novels she couldn’t help but love.

That all changes when she meets a grumpy werewolf and a vampire with a lust for life and liquor. While the two improbable souls aren’t what she expected, Abigail finds what she needed most in Whitewater: friends.

But darkness is gathering on the horizon, seeking to end every life in its path—human or otherwise.

  To give you just a bit more context for this, Abigail has been sent to cover a speech for a coworker. While the person she would be writing the article on is perfectly friendly, his assistant is certainly not. And, without further ado:

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