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  We get to deal with everyone’s favorite nihilist pixie dream girl as we answer a question no one was asking: what was Maria up to before she met James? See, smart people would have just responded with a “Who cares” or “She didn’t exist, as she was a product of James’s fantasy” or “Why would you ask that question, idiot”. Oh, no. She existed. And it was pretty stupid.

  Features the Silent Hill equivalent of a cat caught in a tree, ridiculous weapon description, a chimney leading to a garden, and a whole lot of pointlessness. Oh, and there’s also a moment where the plot of the main game is completely snapped in two. At this point, wandering into a dead child’s room should be considered a reality shattering event in these games.

  Also, ghosts.

(Feel free to bump up the video quality into GLORIOUS HD; I know that anything under 720 is a bit on the muddy, pixel-y side)





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