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Traipsing Through Silent Hill
Artwork Graciously Provided by the Incredibe Steven Luna

Part Twenty-Eight, or The Important Questions

  Hello, again, fellow wanderers in this town of fog and suspicious sink holes. Although it is a day later than I intended, I hope you enjoy the following videos meant to bring our discussion of Silent Hill: Origins to a close. The videos are... not the best quality, I admit, but I have a limited budget and an even more limited amount of space available to work with. If you forgive the sun's indecision regarding whether or not to hide behind the clouds and my tendency to lose the microphone, well, there may be something worth watching.

  First up, we ask the very important question: Where did Nullrigins go wrong?

  Next, I offer my take on ways we could have fixed things.

  And finally, and arguably most importantly, there's the single greatest achievement that man has ever created.

  Take care, my lovelies! I shall return in the next few weeks with a brand new adventure. Well, kind of.

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