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The Officially Unofficial
Project Northwoods Soundtrack

  Hello, all you lovely people! For this week’s blog entry, I thought I would provide my funderful fans something a bit different. With that in mind, feast your eyes on the Officially Unofficial Project Northwoods Soundtrack!

  As a fan of music, it should come as no surprise that I write and read to some fancy beats. What follows are some fancy beats that I feel would lend themselves to increased enjoyment of my gigantic novel about super-powered individuals punching each other in the head. Do not take this to mean that any of these artists actually support my book in any capacity—I exist so thoroughly on the bottom of the entertainment industry, I am effectively a mole person.

  To put that another way, this is only for fun and should not be taken as anyone's endorsement for Project Northwoods. At most, this is my recommended listening and that's about it.

  Where possible, the songs are linked to a YouTube video or artist-hosted site so you can get some sweet instant gratification out of this list. I tried my best to find “official” videos where I could. Every entry that is available for purchase has a buy button, and I would encourage you to spend your hard earned money if you take a fancy to the songs. I am receiving no incentive from this—I just love to spread the word about great music.

Q: Why is this divided up into the columns of instrumental and vocal?
A: Some people don’t like to read when words are being sung at them. I figure it was fair to give them some warning.
Q: The lyrics of ___ don’t match up with what’s happening! What the hell?
A: Well, as much as I would love to shell out money for a musician to make a soundtrack for my book, I am intensely poor. So I would advise ignoring the lyrical content in favor of everything else the song has to offer.
Q: Why do some chapters have multiple songs?
A: Choose your own variant? Also, most chapters have multiple scenes and some music would be woefully inappropriate—these are usually indicated by directions given in parentheses.
Q: Why is there an unlinked video/sample?
A: Either I couldn’t find one or it has been requested that I remove it. It’s still good stuff, I assure you.
Q: The buy button took me to an unavailable product! What gives?
A: Sometimes people run out of stock. Also, I am a tremendous nerd and the things I like may no longer be made. These things happen and I apologize for the cold march of time.
Q: If you could be a vampire or a werewolf, which would you choose?
A: A shoggoth.
Q: What does the tag “NP” stand for?
A: Sadly, the item appears to be non-purchasable. If that changes and I am made aware of it, I will happily fix it.
Q: I hate your taste in music!
A: That’s not a question. But if you would like to suggest something better, you can let me know.

Chapter          Instrumental                                      Vocal 

Prologue                                                                   Show Me What You’ve Got
                                                                               Powerman 5000          Buy
1                                                                             Fury Oh Fury
                                                                               Nico Vega                  Buy
2                                                                             Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
                                                                               Cage the Elephant       Buy
3                    Inverted Mean
                      Ronald Jenkees                       Buy
4                                                                             Danse et Danse
Coeur de Pirate           Buy

                                                                               Kate Nash                  Buy
5                                                                             The Mother We Share
Chvrches                    Buy
6                    Patches of Sky
                      Coeur de Pirate                       Buy
7                                                                             Danger is Go!
                                                                               Powerman 5000          Buy
8                                                                             Sweet as Whole
                                                                               Sara Bareilles            Buy
9                    Speaker 1, Speaker 1
                      Ronald Jenkees                       Buy
10                   Blu-Bird (When Arbiter arrives)
                       Keiichi Okabe                         Buy
                      _n C_rcl_s (Mollie)
                      Darren Korb                            Buy (non-remix only)
11                   Deep-Sea Sounding
                       Ronald Jenkees                      Buy
12                   The Unpleasant Train
                       Akihiko Matsumoto                 Buy
13                                                                           Merry Happy
                                                                               Kate Nash                   Buy
14                    Outbreak Main Theme
                        Akihiko Matsumoto                Buy
15                                                                           The Five Floor Goodbye
                                                                               Ryan Ike, et al.            Buy
16                    Minimal MC
                        Ronald Jenkees                     Buy
17                                                                           Blindness
                                                                               Metric                         Buy
18                    Undercurrent                                     Builders of the Future
                        Jami Sieber                           Buy       Powerman 5000            Buy
19                    Maenam                                            Signals
                        Jami Sieber                           Buy       Darren Korb                  Buy
20                    Glacial Horizon
                        Solatrus                                NP
21                                                                           Blinding
                                                                               Florence + the Machine   Buy
                       With Water and Light (The last couple of paragraphs)
                        Ronald Jenkees                       Buy
22                    Undercurrent (Remix)
                       Jon Schatz                              Buy
23                    Behind the Red Door
                       Nate Fenwick Smith                 Buy
24                    The Fighting Machine
                        Jeff Wayne                             Buy
25                    Hymn of Light
                        Coeur de Pirate                       Buy
26                    Side Car - Escape From the Fortress
                       Harry Gregson-Williams             Buy
                       Side Car - On the Rail Bridge
                        Harry Gregson-Williams            Buy
27                    Detention Enforced
                       Nate Fenwick Smith                  Buy
28                    Love Psalm                                       Hanging On [ft. Tinie Tempah]
                        Akira Yamaoka                        Buy     Ellie Goulding               Buy
29                    Betrayal
                        Akira Yamaoka                        Buy
30                    Survival                                            Drumming Song
                        Jasper Byrne                           Buy     Florence + the Machine  Buy
31                    Mira (Altair)                                      Nuclear
                        Curtis Schweitzer                     NP     Mike Oldfield                 Buy
32                    Supercell in Tune
                        Ronald Jenkees                       Buy
33                    Intermission
                        Coeur de Pirate                       Buy
34                    Madness Unleashed                           Now that’s Rock n’ Roll
                        Nate Fenwick Smith                 Buy     Powerman 5000              Buy
35                    Simpletank
                        Ronald Jenkees                       Buy
36                    Mars
                        Nick Ingman & Terry Devine-King  NP  
                                                                             Million Years (Zombress)
                                                                              Nico Vega                      Buy
37                                                                          Bones    
                                                                              MS MR                           Buy

38                    Impact Event                                    In My City
                        Curtis Schweitzer                      NP    Ellie Goulding                 Buy
39                    Guitar Sound                                     Head is Not My Home
                        Ronald Jenkees                        Buy    MS MR                           Buy
40                    Aurora’s Theme                                Nicest Thing
                         Coeur de Pirate                       Buy     Kate Nash                     Buy
41                    Jupiter’s Lightning                              Beast
                        Coeur de Pirate                        Buy    Nico Vega                      Buy
42                    Our Darker Purpose                             Make Us Insane
                        Nate Fenwick Smith                  Buy    Powerman 5000              Buy
43                    The Greatest Jubilee
                        Hiroshi Yamaguchi                    Buy
44                    First Breath After Coma                       I Know You Care
                        Explosions in the Sky                Buy     Ellie Goulding                Buy
Epilogue            Lone Survivor
                        Jasper Byrne                            Buy
"Credits"                                                                   Super Villain
                                                                                Powerman 5000            Buy


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