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Hello. My name is Jonathan Bruce and sometimes I make videos for the internet.

This is also where other photos, pictures, or whatever will end up. If, for whatever reason, someone wants to submit something that I've inspired (which, when you think about it, is kind of terrifying), then this page will be its home.


You Know It, You Just Don't Know You Know It

Welcome to the project which takes my love of popular culture and my training as a historian and mashes them together to create what I hope to be semi-educational entertainment!

Episode One: Consumer Culture and Media

Poetry by Jonathan Bot

A Breakfast?


Project Northwoods Audio Book

I was going to call it the Project Northwoods Audio Project, but that would have just been silly. I read Project Northwoods to you. That's all there is to it. Silly and horribly inaccurate accents may be affected. Michael Denning would be proud. (I'm so droll)


Project Northwoods Images

My collection of images used for various Project Northwoods related stuffs.