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Media - Project Northwoods Images

  This page contains some of the artwork that has created with Project Northwoods in mind. Naturally, these are copyrighted images, with the exceptions being those made from the Pulp-O-Mizer.

Cover Art

PNW Cover
Click image for bighuge

Whole Cover
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Helmet provided by Scott Adkins of Adkins Historical Reproductions
Photographer - Cory Albrechtson (Facebook)
Concept - Jonathan Bruce
MUA - Stephanie Spike Drewa
Model - David Rhoads Lcct
Click Here for Original Image

  Here we have a cover design that shows an embattled Arbiter giving a warcry. Why is he, one of the apparent antagonists, adorning the cover of the book? Well, he is central to the story being told, so it makes sense.

PNW Pulp 1 PNW Pulp 2

PNW Pulp 3 PNW Pulp 4

PNW Pulp 5

  These were made for fun with the fabulous Pulp-O-Mizer, which allows people to make their own pulp sci-fi magazine covers. Obviously, this isn't official work or anything, but it provides delicious, delicious variety. Here's a blog post going into more detail.

Old Cover

  My original attempt at cover art is kind of a mess in my opinion, and I thoroughly blame the fact that I am terrible at graphic design. It incorporates some elements that KZiegler Design helpfully provided for my project.

Concept One

Here, I incorporated a cityscape which I made all by myself. Seriously, I'm stupidly proud of that city, because I'm resoundingly terrible at design. This one also has a sinister-sounding tag line to entice readers to read. As my lady friend pointed out, though, the numbers are probably way too specific. Nonetheless, orange and blue totally pops.

Concept Two

And here we move to a more sinister direction, with a deep red sky. I like how the villains' logo looks a little bit like a target or a radar screen. It's nifty, if a little bland.

Concept Three

This one generally got pretty favorable reactions, with it's pavement-esque background, use of blue/green sky line (symbolism!), and generally rich texture.



Side Stuff

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

  For those who are interested, that is Stair. Many thanks to my friend Leah for accepting my request to be included in my little expansion project.




These are much cleaner images, thanks to the fact that I am slightly less terrible at Photoshop. I'm still awful, but just a pinch less so.

Heroes Logo         Villains Logo

  These are the logos for the heroes and villains in the novel. Yes, they have their own insignias. Yes, they are awesome. A lot of care went into these designs to make them thematically consistent with the story, so a lot of thanks goes to KZiegler Design.



   I went back to the original cover design for these, obviously.