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Artwork Graciously Provided by the Incredibe Steven Luna

Part One, or Zerorigins

Part Two, or Impassive (adj)

Part Three, or the Death of Mr. Whacky

Part Four, or the One Where I Kill a Man Made of Taffy

Part Five, or On the Finer Details of Monster Genitalia

Part Six, or I Hope You All Love Asylums

Part Seven, or Why Isn't Clem Stuck in the Mirror World?

Part Eight, or Losing a War with an Inanimate Object

Part Nine, or Analyzing Doll Puzzles

Part Ten, or Unsettling Implications of Item Naming

Part Eleven, or Freedom! Foggy, Foggy Freedom!

Part Twelve, or Puppets, Stage Directions, and Thou

Part Thirteen, or the Joys of Cultural Appropriation

Part Fourteen, or Stage Hands' Lament

Part Fifteen, or You Don't Deserve Travis Grady

Part Sixteen, or Caliban? More Like Caliban... 't

Part Seventeen, or The Magnificent Dr. Skeeves

Part Eighteen, or The Implications of Monster Design

Part Nineteen, or Random Story Arc Resolution

Part Twenty, or A Series of Very Bad Decisions

Part Twenty-One, or The Trial of Dr. Skeeves

Part Twenty-Two, or Shoddy Motel Mysteries

Part Twenty-Three, or Picking Nits

Part Twenty-Four, or Adieu, Riverside Motel

Part Twenty-Five, or SWEEEEEEET!

Part Twenty-Six, or My Rig, She's A-Callin'

Part Twenty-Seven, or Ephemera

Part Twenty-Eight, or The Important Questions